The Group Adult Foster Care Case Manager

Supervises and coordinates the provision of social services to participants of the GAFC program.

  • Assists a Registered Nurse in evaluation of potential members for the GAFC program by assessing the psychosocial needs of the client.
  • Assists in admission process and orientation of the participants to the program.
  • Completes psychosocial assessment on admission.
  • Visits the GAFC member within three (3) days of the admission, while personal care assistant present and completes appropriate documentation.
  • Alternates every other week with the Registered Nurse for the first four (4) weeks and then every other month (alternates every other month with the RN)
  • Monitors psychosocial needs of the member.
  • Documents appropriately and in a timely manner.

Three years of previous experience in working with disabled/elderly adults in a community setting. OR an equivalent degree and/or experience may be substituted for the educational requirement.

The Group Adult Foster Care RN

Evaluates and assesses the general health function of all GAFC participants and designs and revises as needed the care plan for each patient. The GAFC RN and the GAFC Case Manager work together as a professional team to ensure an effective and quality oriented GAFC program for all participants.

  • Evaluation of potential participants
  • Contact with participant’s primary care physician to obtain medical information and physician clearance
  • Completion of the medical components of the participant assessment form
  • Monitoring of the participant’s health status and completion of semiannual participant assessment form
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of participant’s care setting (safety evaluation)
  • Provision of case management and Review and supervision of personal care services at least every sixty (60) days

Possess a license as a Registered Nurse.

A Personal Care/Homemaker

Is recognized as a responsible individual who has been trained to provide personal care and those supportive services which are necessary to maintain a disabled or dependent person in safety and comfort of their own home.

  • Bathing- sponge, shower
  • Grooming- hair care, skin care, shaving (electrical razor only), mouth care, nail care (filling only)
  • Dressing and undressing Meal preparation
  • Standard precautions
  • Assisting with transfers
  • Assist with bathroom and post toileting
  • Shopping (purchasing food and household supplies)
  • Laundering
  • Reports changes in client’s condition to RN/CM
  • Accurately documents, dates, visits and completed tasks
  • Submits paperwork in a timely manner according to agency policy and procedure

Possess a license as a Registered Nurse.